• Venue: Clanwilliam - Kaleo
  • Date: 23 April 2017
  • Distance: 160km
  • Climbing: 3070m
  • Position: 1st
  • Time: 6h36

Every so often you get a weekend where everything just feel so perfect! A lot probably to do that I've always been a nature-man that likes to get outside and experience small little towns, heartwarming people and the Cederberg Wilderness Area are one of the most perfect spots for that.

It was great to have the Krieks join for the weekend, Carel to drive taxi and support, while Christiaan threw himself in the game to try and finish this bad-boy! We've done many mtb tours and trips like this together when Christiaan was still racing, and their companionship has always been so relaxing as we all love the same things and crave the same experiences out of these journeys: good people, good coffee, gravel roads, open spaces, braai, padstal and much laughter.

I've had my time as a lap-racer, now I am a marathon racer. 100-Mile racing might be right at the end of the scale of what I am willing to push at the moment, but with our National Marathon series barely over 60km these days, I became eager to look for some new challenges and really happy for events like the Masgcor Cederberg 100-miler on our race calendar. Thank you Iqela Events for a well organised race and for a reason to visit the lovely town of Clanwilliam and the Cederberg.

This is a special race! Many of you would know the route through the Cederberg Mountains since it is a favourite destination for getaway weekend vibes. From Clanwilliam it is all the way uphill from the coastal side to Uitkyk-Pass at 1000m, then the short side of the Kromrivier Pass before the Grootrivierhoogte Pass that looks incredibly daunting when spotted from a distance and the Blinkberg Pass heading out of the Cederberg to the Koue Bokkeveld. Pointing the front tyre towards the finish at Kaleo Farm, the last 60-kilometers of flat riding was the toughest, a mind game to keep on going in the heat, constant pedalling and that damn ever annoying slight headwind. 

This race is a challenge! A great goal for a mountain biker. Maybe try it out in the 2-day Trek option first, sold out this year, so make sure you get your entry fast!

On the racing front it seemed as if I was the only serious rider who wanted to start of a bit more cautiously, but luckily I'm not scared of a sufferfest! Chris Cronje tried a murderous early break which lasted the first two hours, while triathlete, Jean de Villiers, and Charles Mcfall kept me company longest before riding the second half of the race on my own. Well, by that time everyone was on a solo mission to get to a CBC beer at Kaleo as soon as possible! 6h36 for me to conquer the Cederberg, with Jean in second and Chris in third.

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